Yanco Agricultural High School

A quality secondary education in an historic rural setting

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Mission and guiding values

School Vision Statement

In a caring residential environment, students are encouraged to achieve their potential to become effective contributors in their communities and society within a dynamic and complex world. Affirming the best of the schools traditions, our aim is to provide a well-balanced and diverse educational program with a focus on agricultural pursits.

Guiding values

The guiding values for the development of our students are:

  • a love of learning and search for knowledge
  • an appreciation of effort, enterprise and excellence
  • the recognition of the achievement of others
  • that greater success comes through co-operation and teamwork
  • the virtue of self-discipline
  • a concern for the rights, beliefs and welfare of others
  • a respect for the finite environment
  • courtesy, honesty and trustworthiness
  • recognition of the importance of personal health and hygiene
  • the concept of self worth.

At our school we encourage all students to develop:

  • scholarship
  • citizenship
  • responsible leadership
  • personal integrity
  • sportsmanship.