Yanco Agricultural High School

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Evening prep

Prep stands for preparation time

This is the time that is allocated for students to do homework, revise work, complete assignments, study or read outside of normal school day hours. Prep is compulsory for all students at Yanco Agricultural High School.

Prep on Monday to Thursday 6.30pm to 8.30pm

First half prep there is no talking and students must work individually and independently to:

  • complete all homework
  • make current school books
  • work on assignments
  • study
  • other school work.

 There is a 15 minute supper break between sessions.

Second half of prep students can quietly seek assistance or work quietly with another student.

Some year groups watch the ABC News in second half of prep.

Prep on Friday and Sunday

Friday and Sunday prep is more relaxed. There is still opportunity to complete homework and school work.

Prep on Saturday

There is no formal prep on Saturday. Students are notified via message on the dining room board about the available options. Often this can include watching a movie in the recreation room or playing games in the dining room or hall.