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The Mathematics KLA at Yanco Agricultural High School offers a range of curriculum courses as outlined in the various syllabii set by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

All Mathematics courses aim to create confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical activities. Students develop an awareness of how maths can enhance critical thinking and be used to solve problems in everyday life.

The Mathematics faculty works closely with the YAHS Learning Support team to meet the learning needs of all students through extra support and differentiated programs.

Mini-whiteboards have become a regular feature in Mathematics classrooms at YAHS and are often used by students as a way of experimenting with problems as students are often more willing to play with mathematics when they know it is erasable. Students are often asked to solve a problem and hold up their whiteboards. These young mathematicians will often have differing solutions, allowing the opportunity for further learning through genuine mathematical discussions.

Large vertical whiteboards have been installed on all walls of the Mathematics classrooms to create a 360 degree learning experience for students. This approach takes students out of their chairs and places each of them in front of a whiteboard. Students have the opportunity to dive into problem solving in a collaborative environment, using a medium which allows for experimentation. Thinking is visible on all four walls of the classroom, meaning solutions and misconceptions can be discussed and cleared up early in the learning process. Students who may get 'stuck' can learn from their peers by simply having a quick scan around the room.

Below is some more specific information in regards to junior and senior Mathematics.

Years 7 - 10:

Mathematics classes remain ungraded until Year 10, where the opportunity for an Intermediate and Advanced class is made available. All Mathematics classes complete 4 assessment tasks throughout the year, two of which are Investigation-style assignments. This gives students the opportunity to explore mathematics across a range of meaningful contexts.

Year 11 & 12:

In Year 10, students have the opportunity to select a course of Mathematics for senior study. This includes Mathematics Standard, Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1. Students studying Mathematics in Years 11 & 12 complete 9 periods per fortnight. Those who complete the Extension 1 Mathematics course complete an extra 4 periods per fortnight, some of which may be before or after normal school hours.

Students in Mathematics courses will expect to dive into a HSC focussed learning environment, where both collaboration with peers and independent study is encouraged. Significant emphasis

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