Yanco Agricultural High School

A quality secondary education in an historic rural setting

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Boarding at our school

Yanco Agricultural High School is a fully residential, selective high school. All students who attend the school live at the school. Boarding is offered on a weekly or full time basis.

Weekly boarding

Students who are weekly boarders travel to school on specially arranged bus transport each Monday morning and return to their homes each Friday afternoon. This boarding option is generally only offered to students who live within 200km of the school.

Full time boarding

Students who are full time boarding students live at school for the duration of each school term. They can arrange special leave on other weekends by providing the appropriate notification and permissions.

Designated leave weekends

On designated leave weekends, usually the middle weekend of each term, all students must leave the school premises. On these weekends specially chartered buses, combined with other special transport arrangements, provide transport for all students to their home destinations, or their nearest approved transport pick up point. Designated leave weekends are also times during which many students travel home with friends. Again all appropriate notification and permissions must be completed.

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