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YAHS Old Yanconians’ Foundation Rural And Indigenous Scholarships



Rural And Indigenous Scholarships

The YAHS Old Yanconians’ Foundation in partnership with The Halliday Foundation is offering three rural and two indigenous residential half scholarships for students attending Yanco Agricultural High School in Years 7 to 11.

The scholarships will be considered on a gender diversity and hardship basis and offered in addition to support students who may be eligible for AIC, BSIB, LAFHA or Centrelink financial assistance.

Each scholarship has specific, key selection criteria along with the overall selection criteria based upon the guiding values identified for the development of students at YAHS. We encourage all students to develop scholarship, citizenship, responsible leadership, personal integrity and sportsmanship. The identified guiding values on which all candidates for the scholarships will be assessed include a combination of a number of the following:

•    a love of learning and search for knowledge

•        an appreciation of effort, enterprise and excellence

•        the recognition of the achievement of others

•        co-operation and teamwork

•        the virtue of self-discipline

•        a concern for the rights, beliefs and welfare of others

•        a respect for the finite environment

•        courtesy, honesty and trustworthiness

The three rural scholarships have been named after significant early students who attended the school and the two indigenous scholarships in recognition of Country.

To apply, please complete this form and return it to the school's principal.


·         The Keith Godfrey rural residential, academic scholarship up to $5,000

Keith Godfrey was an original student in 1922. He was the first boy to arrive in February 1922. Keith authored the school War Cry and said he was influenced in style by ‘Banjo’ Paterson. The War Cry was first used at the Cowra football carnival on 29th August that year. Keith played in the First XIII team on the day. After leaving Yanco Ag, Keith became a farmer in western NSW.



·         The Phyllis Breakwell rural residential, academic scholarship up to $5,000

Phyllis was the daughter of the first principal and school matron, Ernest and Lily Breakwell.  She transferred from Sydney Girls’ High to Yanco Ag in 1923, completing her Intermediate Certificate in 1924. Phyllis returned to Sydney Girls’ High to complete her Leaving Certificate with Honours in English before gaining her BA in 1929 aged 19, at Sydney University, as the youngest university graduate at the time and later gained her DipEd.  Phyllis then returned to Sydney Girls’ High in 1931 as a teacher.  She married George “Bill” Barratt in 1934 before resigning from teaching as was required of married women at the time!


·         The Les Davenport rural residential, academic scholarship up to $5,000

Les was an original student in 1922.  He was also a King’s Scout, a senior prefect at Yanco, a member of the unbeaten First XIII team and a long-distance runner.  After graduating from Hawkesbury then Sydney Teachers’ College he became a teacher.  By 1930, Les was an agricultural instructor at Muswellbrook Rural School.  He was a Flight Lieutenant in the RAAF during World War II. After the war, he was involved as Chief Adviser for rehabilitation programs involving over 3 million refugees in West Germany.  He returned home in 1952 to recommence teaching.  He retired as a school principal at Jannali Public School. 



·         Two Wiradjuri Country residential, academic scholarships for indigenous students up to $5,000 each

The Wiradjuri Nation is located in central New South Wales.  The Wiradjuri are known as the people of the three rivers being the Macquarie River (Wambool), the Lachlan River (Kalari) and the Murrumbidgee River (Murrumbidjeri) which border their lands. As the school adjoins the Murrumbidgee River, its location is towards the southern boundary of Wiradjuri Country.


The scholarships will be advertised widely each October and announced at Presentation Day in December each year, for the following academic year. The scholarships will be reviewed annually and available for 3 years from 2023 to 2025.

To apply, please complete this form and return it to the school's principal.