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Scholarships and assistance

Dick Condon Milthorpe Family scholarships

These new scholarships were announced at Yanco Agricultural High School's 2012 Annual Speech Day and will be awarded for the first time at Speech Day 2013. (Applications for the first round of Dick Condon Milthorpe Family Scholarships have closed).

The Milthorpe Family has generously determined to provide a number of annual scholarships over the next 10 years to recognise the achievements and contributions of students at Yanco Agricultural High School (YAHS). At the request of David Milthorpe, these scholarships will also recognise the work of another fellow YAHS student, Dick Condon.

There will be one full boarding scholarship valued at $11200, and three part boarding scholarships valued at $4600.

Specific guidelines and application procedures for these scholarships are available from the school and applications close in the weeks before Speech Day each year. For information on the scholarships, contact the school.

Successful recipients will be selected from eligible students from Years 7 to 11, as at Speech Day, with the scholarships to apply for the following academic year.

The full residential scholarship and two of the part scholarships will be reserved for students not eligible for Assistance for Isolated Children's Scheme (AIC), Boarding Scholarship for Isolated Students (BSIS), Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) or Centrelink financial assistance. One part scholarship will be open to all students who receive financial support from any government or non-government agency up to $4000, full parental declaration is required.

For scholarship application information and full selection criteria contact the school.

Assistance for Isolated Children's Scheme

The Assistance for Isolated Children's Scheme (AIC) is administered by Centrelink (Department of Human Services) and provide financial assistance for parents and carers of students who cannot attend their nearest state school because of geographical isolation, disability or special health needs.

Parents and carers may receive basic boarding allowance, distance education supplement, second home allowance, pensioner education supplement and possibly additional boarding allowance.

These payments are usually free of income and assets tests, and can be paid directly to the school.

If you think you may be eligible please contact Centrelink for more information, visit the AIC information and forms website or talk to our School Administration Manager for more information.

Boarding Scholarship for Isolated Students and Living Away From Home Allowance

NSW Department of Education and Communities administers two financial support programs for eligible families who must board their children away from home to obtain secondary education.

These are the Boarding Scholarship for Isolated Students (BSIS) and Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA).

The BSIS provides assistance to students in Years 7 to 12 from rural areas who are disadvantaged by

  • a low family income
  • geographic isolation where the location of the family home in NSW severely affects the student's access to secondary schooling
  • whose circumstances require that they board away from home to attend government secondary school.

The LAFHA provides assistance to eligible families who must board their children away from home to access secondary education. Essential conditions are:

  • The student's home must be in NSW
  • The student must be living away from home to attend an appropriate secondary school in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, or the ACT
  • The student must be following a normal secondary course of study.

 The basic criteria relate to income and distance. There is also provision for other circumstances such as a medical condition to be considered where relevant.

Our school administration manager can provide further assistance and help regarding completing the applications for AIC, BSIS or LAFHA. Please contact the school by phone or email for more information. 

Other financial assistance

If you would like to have a confidential discussion regarding other possible financial assistance please contact our School Administration Manager by phone on 02 6951 1500.