Yanco Agricultural High School

A quality secondary education in an historic rural setting

Telephone02 6951 1500


McCaughey House

When the school first opened McCaughey House was the home for the all students.

Upstairs was made up of dorms where all the students would live after the school day was done. Over the years as the school has expanded, McCaughey House has been turned into a building full of offices. These offices include:

The Principal's office - Mr Gary Hunt.

Deputy Principal (residental) - Ms Lisa O'Brien.

Deputy Principal (day) - Mr Craig Maher

The front office - Mrs Viv Burton and Mrs Lindy Norton. These Ladies handle answering of phones, emails, publishing the school newsletter, updating student information, answering any questions that students have, contacting parents when needed and the list continues.

The Registrar's office - Mrs Julie Fitzsimon, Mrs Emily Payne, Mrs Gai Stockton and Mrs Erin Varndell. Julie is the Schools Registrar and handles a variety of jobs in relation to fee's and all aspects of money to do with the school. Our registrar staff handle many jobs including student and business accounts, all travel including weekly, desi leave and end of term leave, after hours sport paperwork, school website and facebook.

School Administration Manager - Mrs Alison Evans.