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Laurie Dicker's Ode

We Are Yanconians

We are the sons and daughters of the land, uninhibited, open, honest, friendly country kids with a great sense of humour. What you see is what you get.

We walk up; take your hand; look you straight in the eye and tell it as it is.

We are not afraid to use our creativity, imagination and thinking to leap outside the square; to take advantage of opportunities and explore new horizons.

We mix and communicate easily with people from all walks of life; all ages, cultures, races and religions.

While we can be depended upon to work independently unsupervised; we gain our strength from team work, where we appreciate that the most effective groups are those consisting of people coming from different directions and experiences.

We plan and organise with realism and practicality. We get things done. We appreciate that most conflict occurs because people are different; not necessarily because they are wrong. We resolve conflicts through negotiation and mediation and, in a crisis we step forward to restore calm from chaos.

We earn respect as leaders through our capacity guide, support and encourage others to develop and reach their potential.

In a world obsessed with technology, finance and law we are the ones to provide balance, because we are people people.

We are in high demand in our community; our country and the world because we make a difference.

We are special, because we are Yanconians.

Written on December 10, 2010 by:

Laurie Dicker

Old Yanconian

1947 - 1951.

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