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Yanco Agricultural High School's uniform is worn with pride by students. 

The school Walking Outs (formal uniform) is pictured below and is the most recognisable of the school's uniform requirements. This uniform is worn when students represent the school, at formal assemblies, during formal dinners and on many other occasions during the year.

Download the 2023 uniform policy for more information.

The Yanco Agricultural High School summer sport uniform and winter sport uniform allow students to wear their sporting house colour polo shirts. 

The sport house colours are:

  • McCaughey House - red
  • Mutch House - white
  • Gardiner House - green
  • Breakwell House - yellow.

These uniforms are also used at the Beach Carnival and Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

The Agriculture and practical subject uniforms pictured below are a recent addition to the school uniform.

Students also have a travel dress uniform for when they travel to and from school using public transport at weekends, designated leave weekends, holidays and at other times.

The travel dress uniform is more casual in nature due to the long distances many students must travel between the school and their home.

There are some special school activities, such as show stock or equine teams, that require specific purpose uniform purchases. Students involved in these teams are advised of the requirements.